Senior Design Day Showcases Student Research at UMass Amherst April 23

AMHERST, Mass. - More than 30 senior electrical engineering students at the University of Massachusetts will exhibit their research projects at Senior Design Day on Thurs. April 23, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., in the Gunness Student Center in Marcus Hall at UMass.

Electrical engineering students worked in teams on the projects, starting in September. Each team received guidance from a faculty member.

A wide array of projects will be displayed and demonstrated, including: a digital wireless traffic light controller, which would allow traffic light patterns to be changed from a remote location using radio waves; silicon solar cells, which produce electricity similar to that produced by a battery, and which were fabricated in an undergraduate "clean room"; a small battery charger, which charges video camcorder batteries quickly and safely, and features a display showing the charging status; and a liquid nitrogen level controller, for use in laboratories, which conserves liquid nitrogen with an electronic control system.

Reporters and photographers are welcome to attend the event. For more information, T. Baird Soules, senior design project coordinator of the department of electrical and computer engineering may be reached at 413/545-2441, or