Rothstein Presents Paper on Yiddish Folk Song Collecting at NY Institute

Robert A. Rothstein

Robert A. Rothstein, Amesbury Professor of Polish Language, Literature and Culture, was an invited speaker at "Passing the Torch," a symposium on Jewish music archives and the future of Yiddish song held April 6 at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research in New York.

His paper, "In the Beginning Were Ginzburg and Marek," traced the history of Yiddish folk song collecting.

Rothstein's publications include such titles as "The Mother-Daughter Dialog in the Yiddish Folk Song," "Yiddish Songs of Drunkenness," “The Girl He Left Behind: Women in East European Songs of Emigration,” “Klezmer-loshn: The Language of Jewish Folk Musicians,” “Mixed-language Songs: A Slovak-Yiddish Example in Its Slavic and Yiddish Context” (published first in Slovak and later in Yiddish) and “The Sad Lot of Women in Ukrainian and Yiddish Folksongs” (published first in Ukrainian and later in English).