Rosa Discusses Race and Language on MSNBC

Jonathan Rosa, assistant professor of anthropology, joined MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry and other experts in a July 28 discussion of racial issues and language.

A linguistic anthropologist, Rosa weighed in on U.S. racial politics beyond black and white, and the propriety of white comedian Tim Allen and his argument using the “n-word” in comedy will help remove some of the power and hatefulness of the word. Rosa says Allen can choose to use this language, but that ultimately it will be up to the public to determine whether this is acceptable. The other panelists were Michael Eric Dyson, California Congresswoman Barbara Lee and Elon James White.

This fall, Rosa has invited Ana Celia Zentella, one of the foremost researchers in what she has named “anthro-political linguistics,” to give a public lecture at UMass Amherst and she will also collaborate with him on his upcoming  projects.

This year, Rosa is one of six Family Research Scholars at the Center for Research on Families.



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