Revision of Title IX Policies Continues

Consultant Saundra Schuster discusses recent national media coverage of Title IX issues.

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (EO&D) is accepting comments until Friday, May 8 on the revised draft of its policies and procedures for Title IX/civil rights grievance resolution.

The draft can be viewed by clicking on the link below. All comments, questions and suggestions should be emailed to

Education consultant Saundra Schuster oversaw a five-hour meeting conducted by EO&D onMay 1 for faculty, staff and students that included a review of the draft and time for questions and comments.Title IX is the landmark federal legislation that prohibits sex discrimination in education. The law, which is well known for requiring equal support for men’s and women’s collegiate sports, also governs how campuses respond to sexual assaults.

The draft updates university policies and procedures in a single document modeled on one developed by the Association of Title IX Administrators for civil rights equity grievance resolution.

In addition, the university is completing a series of related workshops and training programs for campus community members who respond to reports of sexual assaults and who work to resolve grievances. There have also been meetings that included personnel from all five UMass campuses.

Débora D. Ferreira, EO&D executive director, is the Title IX coordinator for UMass Amherst. Matters dealing with sexual harassment, sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking can be reported to EO&D. Ferreira said the new document must be aligned with a complex set of frequently changing laws. 

Specifically, by July 1 campus policies and procedures will be fully compliant with the latest requirements of Tile IX, the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and the Clery Act, which governs how on-campus crimes are reported.


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