Public sessions planned with candidates for chief information officer

Starting this week, public meetings with five candidates for the post of chief information officer (CIO) are being held for members of the campus community to meet and listen to the candidates and offer feedback to the search committee.
The five candidates were chosen by a 17-member search committee co-chaired by Michael F. Malone, vice chancellor for Research and Engagement and C. Marjorie Aelion, dean of the School of Public Health and Health Sciences. The committee will make a final recommendation to the chancellor after the interview process is completed. The new CIO, who will succeed John Dubach, is expected to be in place by the end of the summer.
The CIO leads the development and implementation of the campus Information Technology (IT) and electronic communication strategy including academic, research, and administrative computing. The CIO manages the Office of Information Technologies (OIT) which implements the campus strategy in collaboration with a number of distributed IT service operations in colleges, schools and departments.  The CIO also collaborates with the Office of the President on system-wide IT issues such as network security, the integration of campus high performance computing with the new MGHPCC infrastructure, UMass Online, and administrative computing. The CIO develops and represents the campus position on IT issues on the state and national levels.
The interview schedule is:
Julie L. Buehler, University of Rochester
Thursday, June 20, 10 a.m., 101 Campus Center;
Marilyn T. Smith, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Monday, June 24, 4 p.m., 163C Campus Center;
Alison Robinson, University of Maryland
Wednesday, June 26, 1:30 p.m., 101 Campus Center;
John Lawson, Western Washington University
Thursday, June 27, 4 p.m., 101 Campus Center;
Jim S.C. Tom, Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion
Monday, July 1, 11 a.m., 101 Campus Center.
Links to the resumes of the candidates: