Parking Garage Entrance Construction Begins Dec. 4

The entrance to the Campus Center Parking Garage will be under construction beginning Monday, Dec. 4, and upon completion the garage will transition to a pay-station system for non-permitted short-term parkers.

There will no longer be an attended station at the garage exit.

The work is scheduled to be completed by Monday, Dec. 18, but is weather-dependent. The entrance will remain open during construction, with access via alternating lanes.

Under the new pay-station system, short-term parkers will bring their tickets to one of the six pay stations in the garage. After paying, they will feed the validated tickets into a machine as they exit, which will open the gate.

Alternatively, parkers may pay attendants in the former satellite parking office at the Level 2 entrance to the Campus Center and receive a validated ticket.

There will be two pay stations on Level 4, two on Level 3 and two on Level 2.

Permit holders will scan their permits on entrance and exit.

Contact Parking Services at 413/577-PARK (7275) if you have questions regarding parking. 

The garage project includes resurfacing of the entrance roadways and the replacement of electronic controls and equipment.