Older Adults Needed for Research Study on Age, Emotional Response

older adults

The Aging, Cognition and Emotion Lab in the department of psychological and brain sciences is seeking older adults (aged 65 and up) to participate in a research study about emotional response and older age. The purpose of this study is to determine how the emotional responses of older adults relate to thinking abilities.

Older adult participants should be native English speakers. They should have no previous history of neurological disorder or memory difficulties that significantly interfere with day-to-day life.

In the lab, participants will watch videos, complete questionnaires and engage in brief cognitive testing. Participants must be accompanied by a companion, who will complete two brief questionnaires. The study will take up to 2 hours. Only one visit is required. Compensation of $5 for each half hour of participation is provided for this study. Companions of participants will receive $10.

Appointments are on campus. Free parking is provided.

For more information, contact the age and emotion response study at 413/545-1984 or readylab@psych.umass.edu.