Sidewalks Temporarily Blocked as Old Chapel Renovation Begins

The Old Chapel renovation project is underway.

Contractors have installed a construction site fence, and pedestrian traffic is being routed around the area. The fence will be reconfigured in the fall to reopen the pedestrian pathway immediately adjacent to the project on the western (Goodell) side.

Under the renovation plan, the chapel’s top floor will provide a large open space for performances and lectures and will be available for weddings and similar events. The multi-purpose first floor will provide a flexible layout for displays, events and will serve as a general campus resource. The basement will hold utilities, a kitchen facility and restrooms.

Renovation plans also include an accessible glass pavilion entranceway and upgraded mechanical systems. Completion is scheduled for October 2016.

For detailed information, including architect’s renderings, visit the Design &Construction Management project page.

Over its history the building served as classrooms, library, auditorium, museum and chapel and was home to the UMass Minuteman Marching Band until it was deemed unsafe in 1996. It has been largely unused since, although it houses the university’s 42-bell carillon.

In the late 1990s, the unstable clock tower was rebuilt, with the original stones anchored to a new concrete frame.