Obituary: Robert A. Hart, Retired History Professor

Robert Allen Hart, 84, of Hadley, retired professor of history, died Sept. 11 at Cooley Dickinson Hospital after a serious illness.

He received his bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate at Indiana University, first specializing in journalism and English, then focusing on history.

After an early career as a columnist for the Chicago Tribune, Hart taught English at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, and history at the State University of New York at Cortland.

He joined the history faculty in 1965, specializing in the field of American and diplomatic history. He educated hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students until retiring in 1988, after which he pursued a career in finance and investing.

Hart published a number of books, including “The Great White Fleet,” “The Uncertain Crusade; America and the Russian Revolution of 1905” (with Arthur Thompson), and “The Eccentric Tradition: American Diplomacy in the Far East.” He was also the author of numerous short stories, published in various magazines in the mid-1950s.

He leaves his daughter, Elizabeth Hart Damon, and her husband Richard Damon of Amherst; his sister and brother-in-law Martha and Charles Osborn of Bloomington, Ind.; a grandson; and nine nieces and nephews.