Noted Scientist Paul Stern to Visit UMass Amherst

AMHERST, Mass. - Paul C. Stern, author, sociologist, environmental scientist and global change researcher, will meet with members of the faculty with interests in environmental, social, and behavioral sciences at the University of Massachusetts, Monday, Nov. 8. At the invitation of UMass Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost Cora B. Marrett, Stern will lead a discussion on the role of social change in environmental issues. "We believe UMass can be the center for environmental change for the entire region. By bringing together experts from many areas - from the social and behavioral sciences, as well as life and environmental sciences - we can effect change at the local level that, ultimately, will reach the global level," said Marrett. "Dr. Stern will help us stimulate discussion across departmental lines."

Stern is one of a relatively small community of scientists that study the way people and human institutions interact with the natural environment.

"We are really quite fortunate to have this opportunity to meet Paul and learn about his exciting work in the area of the science of human-environmental interaction," said Guy Lanza, director of the UMass environmental sciences program.

Stern is the study director of the National Academy of Science (NAS) Commission on Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education study on the human dimensions of global change. His research is of special importance to governments and other institutions involved in directing human activity in ways that effect positive environmental change.

"I have been examining the ways people''s basic human concerns affect their beliefs about the environment and their willingness to support environmental protection policies," explained Stern in an interview published in Contemporary Authors Online (The Gale Group, 1999). Stern is the author or co-author of many titles, including Global Environmental Change: Understanding the Human Dimensions (1992); Behavior, Society, and Nuclear War, Vols. I (1989) and II (1991); Behavior, Society, and International Conflict (1993); and Perspectives on Deterrence (1989).