New Leadership Academy Launched for Supervisors and Managers

UMass Leadership Academy logo

Workplace Learning & Development has launched a new UMass Leadership Academy featuring programs to support supervisors at various levels in becoming more effective in their roles.

The Leadership Academy is comprised of three programs that support supervisors by providing information and skill development:

  • “Foundations of Supervision” focuses on the foundational skills, core competencies and key behaviors one needs to be an effective supervisor at the university. This program is designed for individuals with less than two years of supervisory experience.
  • “Essentials of Management” explores the complexity of supervision at the university, allowing supervisors to build upon their current skill level to become more effective in their roles. This program is designed for individuals with two or more years of supervisory experience. 
  • “Strategic Leadership” gives emerging and experienced leaders an understanding of leadership dynamics and provides tools and methods to create clear forward thinking strategies.

The programs include in-person and online learning components.

Information on eligibility, the application process and schedules is available at the Leadership Academy website. Contact Workplace Learning & Development at 545-1787 with questions.