New Course Proposals

The following new course proposals have been submitted to the Faculty Senate Office for review and approval and are listed here for faculty review and comment. Comments on any new course proposal should be submitted to Ernest May, secretary of the Faculty Senate, at

BCT 520 “Energy and Building” 3 credits; Instructor: Simi Hoque; This course is primarily for graduate students in the Building Systems and Architecture+Design programs. Undergraduates must have some previous experience with the subject matter to take the course otherwise they cannot handle the pace and quantitative rigors of the course. Prerequisites: BCT 211 (for UG only)

BCT 550 “Construction Project Management” 3 credits; Instructor: Dr. David Damery; Introduces concepts of project management for design and construction including initiation, planning, implementation, monitoring, control, closeout, documentation, scope, budget and scheduling, teamwork and communication, contracts and negotiation and risk management. Prerequisites: BCT 204 “Construction Materials & Methods,” BCT 313 “Technology of Light Frame Structures” and BCT 353 “Business of Building”

BCT 551 “Building a Quick Convincing Green Business Plan” 1 credit; Instructor: Bill Bean; Strategic and tactical planning for “green” business initiatives. Students develop a “green” strategy and promote sustainability both internally through culture change and externally through change in market positioning. Prerequisites: None

NRC 580 “Conservation Genetics” 4 credits; Instructor: Andrew Whiteley; Course objective is to provide the genetic basis for solving conservation problems. Major topics include application of molecular genetic techniques to conservation problems and the fundamentals of population genetics. Prerequisites: BIOLOGY 280 “Evolution and Diversity of Life” or NRC 390E “Evolution and Conservation”