New Course Proposals

The following new course proposals have been submitted to the Faculty Senate Office for review and approval and are listed here for faculty review and comment. Comments on any new course proposal should be submitted to Ernest May, secretary of the Faculty Senate, at

BIOLOGY 109 “Evolution Explained” 4 credits; Instructor: Adam Porter; This course teaches why evolution makes so much sense to scientists, identifies popular misconceptions about evolution, and helps students identify the basis for their opinions about evolution and its implications. Prerequisites: None

BIOLOGY 422 “Experimental Methods in Ecology” 4 credits; Instructor: Lynn Adler; Students will practice experimental methods in ecology with an emphasis on experimental design, hypothesis testing, data collection and analysis, and presenting results in preparation for careers in basic and applied ecology. Prerequisites: BIOLOGY 287 “Introductory Ecology” or ENVIRSCI 214 “Ecosystems, Biodiversity, and Global Change” or NRC 252 “Fundamentals of Applied Ecology”