Martínez Publishes Landmark Book on Latinx Health

Airín D. Martínez
Airín D. Martínez

Airín D. Martínez, assistant professor in the department of health promotion and policy and an expert in the social determinants of chronic disease disparities among Latinx immigrants and their children, has co-edited a new book with Scott D. Rhodes, professor at the Wake Forest School of Medicine, “New and Emerging Issues in Latinx Health.”

“It’s been over 15 years since a comprehensive edited volume dedicated exclusively to Latinx health in the United States has been published,” says Martínez, who joined the faculty in 2018 and serves as scientific co-chair for the Latino Caucus on Public Health in the American Public Health Association. “With this edited volume, we re-introduce who comprises the Latinx population in the United States, what their health needs and priorities are and which multilevel factors influence these needs and priorities. We also explore what is needed to promote health equity among the Latinx population given the current contentious sociopolitical context.”

In their book, Martínez and Rhodes seek to inspire and shape the future of Latinx health research and practice by encouraging researchers and practitioners to take an interest in less examined sub-populations such as older adults (65+), persons with disabilities, sexual and gender minority persons and children and youth. The volume also seeks to encourage researchers and practitioners to work towards Latinx health equity with novel and multidisciplinary approaches and tools. Chapters in this book, written by highly respected and multidisciplinary experts, illuminate the diversity of the Latinx population and provide strategies to examine many of the challenges they face, including migrating to new destinations, ethnic and racial discrimination, the natural and built environment and political representation.

The book is available now through the publisher and most major book retailers.