Markowitz President-Elect of Society for Environmental, Population and Conservation

Ezra Markowitz
Ezra Markowitz

Ezra Markowitz, assistant professor of environmental conservation, has been elected president-elect of the Society for Environmental, Population and Conservation Psychology (SEPCP), Division 34 of the American Psychological Association.

SEPCP members “apply psychological knowledge and practice to improve interactions between humans and our natural and built environments.”

Work topics include human behavior and well-being related to the design of built and natural environments; conservation of wildlife and other species; synergies between mental health and the ecology of the natural environment; and psychological consequences of high population density.

Of particular interest to Markowitz is the use of psychological science to support environmental conservation and sustainability efforts across multiple scales of decision-making, including households, organizations and communities. His research, teaching and service focus on developing and applying insights from the behavioral and communications sciences to address environmental challenges.

Markowitz will serve for a total of three years: one as president-elect, one as president and one as past-president.