March 3 Media Update 11:30 a.m. from Town of Amherst, UMass

AMHERST, Mass. – The Amherst Police Department, with its regional law enforcement partners, reports that the community is safe and there have been no incidents reported as of 11 a.m. Downtown businesses are open.

Police officers and apartment complex security are on duty in neighborhoods in North Amherst and East Amherst. Police are interacting proactively with students and town residents.

The Town of Amherst, its police department and regional partners are committed to ensuring the safety of the community, safety of first responders and protection of private property. Amherst Police have not received any complaints or medical calls as of 11 a.m. Traffic around town is heavier than usual but flowing. Buses are running normally.

Amherst Police also reports that 53 student parties were registered through the Party Smart program, a joint initiative of the police department and the university.

About 800 orderly but enthusiastic students were gathered this morning to enter the Mullins Center, which distributed 5,500 tickets earlier this week. Doors opened shortly after 11 and the concert is scheduled to begin at noon. One student waiting outside Mullins was treated by UMass Emergency Medical Services for hypothermic symptoms.