Libraries Award Sustainability Curriculum Initiative Grants to 9 Faculty

The Libraries have awarded Sustainability Curriculum Initiative grants of $1,000 each to nine faculty members to support revising existing courses to include or augment sustainability topics. Liaison librarians work with faculty to integrate library resources and information literacy into their revised courses.

The faculty fellows, their courses and the associated liaison librarians are:

  • Erin Baker, “Introduction to Mechanical and Industrial Engineering,” liaison librarian: Maxine Schmidt
  • Aviva Ben Ur, “Sustainability in Comparative Religious Perspective,” liaison librarian: Peter Stern
  • Amanda Brown, “Student Farming Enterprise,” liaison librarian: Madeleine Charney/Naka Ishii
  • Eleni Christofa, “Transportation Sustainability,” liaison librarian: Maxine Schmidt
  • Lisa DePiano, “Introduction to Permaculture,” liaison librarian: Madeleine Charney/Naka Ishii
  • Bjorn Harald Nordtveit, “International Education,” liaison librarian: Steve McGinty
  • Ellen Pader, “Urban Policies,” liaison librarian: Madeleine Charney
  • Tim Randhir, “Watershed Science and Management,” liaison librarian: Naka Ishii
  • Anna Smith, “Experiential Reflections of the Technological World,” liaison librarian: Dave Mac Court

Sustainability courses that address interconnections between economy, society and environment, play an increasingly prominent role in the curriculum. To foster the connections, the Libraries, the Provost’s Office and the Center for Teaching and Faculty Development have awarded a second round of this faculty incentive program for courses taught in fall 2014 and spring 2015.

For more information, visit or contact Madeleine Charney, sustainability studies librarian, 577-0784,