Isenberg School given high marks in BusinessWeek survey

The Isenberg School has received the highest ranking among public undergraduate business school programs in the Northeast in BusinessWeek’s annual survey, The Best Undergraduate Business Schools. At the same time, the Isenberg School placed 58th in the survey’s national rankings.

“This milestone reflects our concerted efforts to prepare our students for success in the global economy,” said Soren Bisgaard, interim dean of the Isenberg School. “I am extremely proud of our faculty, staff, and especially of our students.”

In the survey, BusinessWeek selected 123 programs from the nation’s hundreds of undergraduate business schools. After eliminating another 30 programs due to inadequate response rates, the magazine came up with its final roster of schools, which included the Isenberg School and 92 other business schools.

A comprehensive 50-question survey directed at graduating seniors accounted for 30 percent of each school’s ranking. The questionnaire covered everything from the quality of teaching to extracurricular activities. A second questionnaire, which accounted for 20 percent of the final ranking, asked corporate recruiters which schools turn out the best graduates, have the most innovative curricula, and offer the most effective career services.

Other evaluative components included median starting salaries of each school’s graduating class and a measure showing which schools send graduates to the top 35 MBA programs identified in previous BusinessWeek rankings. Finally, the rankings employed an academic quality gauge of five measures: average SAT scores, ratio of full-time faculty to students, average class size, the percentage of students with internships, and hours spent by students each week on schoolwork.

“Our achievement represents a total team effort by an exceptionally talented and engaged faculty, staff, and student body. Our undergraduates are exceptional both academically and as leaders in a vibrant learning community,” said undergraduate dean Carol Barr. “The BusinessWeek Survey is a welcome acknowledgement of the many things that we are doing well. But it is also valuable because it gives us strategic information that will allow us to continue our quest for continuous improvement.”