Interview with Steven Tracy Featured in Chinese Journal

Steven Tracy
Steven Tracy
“Shandong Foreign Language Teaching”
“Shandong Foreign Language Teaching.”

An interview with Distinguished University Professor Steven Tracy, Afro-American studies and Distinguished Overseas Professor at Central China Normal University, has been featured in the Chinese journal, “Shandong Foreign Language Teaching.”

The journal presents information about Tracy's life and career as an academic, writer and musician, all filtered through a focus on his latest monograph, “Hot Music, Ragmentation, and the Bluing of American Literature.”

The interview was done by Jingwen Zhang when she was here as a visiting scholar at UMass. Tracy has been invited two China over two dozen times over more than a decade to lecture, perform, teach and attend conferences, and currently serves as Distinguished Overseas Professor at Central China Normal University.

In the summer, a Chinese translation of Tracy's first book will be debuted at an academic conference in China and a collection of Tracy's essays is underway for publication in China as well.