International Wind Energy Conference on Campus Oct. 14-16

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The NAWEA/WindTech 2019 Conference takes place Monday, Oct. 14 through Wednesday, Oct.16 at the Campus Center where wind energy academics and researchers from around the world will discuss the Grand Vision for Wind Energy and its implications. It combines the longstanding North American Wind Energy Academy (NAWEA) Symposium and the International Conference on Future Technologies in Wind Energy (WindTech) and is developed in collaboration with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the European Academy of Wind Energy.

The conference is co-chaired by James F. Manwell, director of the UMass Amherst Wind Energy Center and professor of mechanical engineering, and Paul Veers, chief engineer for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. It is expected to have about 250 participants, organizers say.

Thought leaders from around the world will discuss the pivotal role wind energy will play in the transition from a system based primarily on fossil fuels to one primarily supported by renewable energy. The conference focuses on the challenges in wind energy science, as well as the economic, environmental and social policy aspects of this transition. 

The conference is dedicated to research and education and will include technical sessions, panel discussions, a graduate student symposium, a poster session, engineering software workshops, business meetings, social events and opportunities for interesting excursions.

NAWEA is composed of universities, research laboratories, and industry participants dedicated to coordinating wind energy research and education activities to advance the state of wind energy technology and to develop the next generation of wind energy engineers, researchers, scientists and innovators.