Inmates to walk the walk through 'green labyrinth'

Donna Zucker of the School of Nursing and Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning graduate student Patrick McGeough worked with inmates and volunteers to construct a 80-foot "green labyrinth" at the Hampshire County House of Correction in Northampton.

Fifty community members gathered to dedicate the labyrinth recently.

Labyrinth walking, said Zucker,is an adjunct to existing rehabilitation and treatment programs there. This collaboration is part of an ongoing project co-facilitated by the School of Nursing and the Hamsphire County Sheriff''s Office.

The School of Nursing has a long standing service and research relationship with the Hampshire Sheriff''s Office, she added.

Some of the funded projects have included: Communicable Disease Education; Peer Education ; Harm Reduction Education; Labyrinth Walking Research.

Over the past eight years numerous groups of undergraduate and graduate nursing students have participated in health promotion and screening activities including vaccination clinics as well as a twice annual health fairs.

"This outdoor labyrinth project was an extension of the regularly schedule indoor labyrinth walking program we have offered for the past 4 years.," said Zucker. "The inmates wanted to build a labyrinth and this was the result. It will continue to serve as an opportunity for the men to also use landscape skills to maintain the labyrinth."