Information about the Coronavirus

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University Health Services (UHS) is keeping a close eye on the international coronavirus outbreak and has informed the University community that no one on campus has been infected with coronavirus or has exhibited symptoms. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has advised that the current risk to Massachusetts residents is low.

UHS has posted information to its website regarding coronavirus, including Health Smart behaviors, tips to help your immune system, information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and symptoms of coronavirus. Anyone experiencing any of the symptoms should contact the UHS triage nurse at 413-577-5229.

Meanwhile, the impact of the coronavirus outbreak in China has led the International Programs Office to suspend the University of Massachusetts Amherst’s study abroad program in China for the spring semester.

The decision impacts seven students who were enrolled in the program, which was to start next month at locations in Beijing and Shanghai. Those students will be offered alternative study abroad programs or the option to remain on campus in Amherst for the Spring semester.