Libraries Open Digital Media Lab

To support students working in multimedia, the W.E.B. Du Bois Library has opened a Digital Media Lab with more than 4,000 square feet of production space that combines all the resources needed to produce high-quality multimedia from start to finish.

Located on the third floor of the Library, the Digital Media Lab is equipped with Mac and PC multimedia workstations, a green screen video room for producing chroma-key videos, two pro-audio sound recording booths, team collaboration space, and a presentation practice room. In addition, students can borrow from a full range of multimedia gear from HD video cameras and portable light kits to midi keyboards and audio recorders.

As instructors continue to innovate with active teaching methods such as team-based learning and technology-enhanced classrooms, students are required to shift from being passive consumers of information to active creators of content. This shift is reflected in class assignments as well; instead of a traditional research or term paper, a student may be given the opportunity to participate in multi-disciplinary teams to produce an interactive presentation, video or podcast.

The Digital Media Lab will be hosting a series of multimedia production workshops throughout the semester on topics such as project planning, video editing, and audio recording. The lab is staffed with multimedia specialists who are available to assist students and to introduce them to online tutorials, software guides, and other self-directed learning tools designed to empower learners to explore their creative and technical skills. Students are encouraged to participate in peer-to-peer help forums and mentoring opportunities as well.

As with each service area in the Libraries, the Digital Media Lab will continually assess the needs of students and will adapt and evolve its offerings over time. The Libraries will showcase student projects in a Digital Media Festival in December.

For more information, contact Jeanne Antill, 545-6959.

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