Gerber Co-Edits E-book on Undergraduate Public Health Education

Daniel Gerber, associate dean for academic affairs in the School of Public Health and Health Sciences, is one of the topic editors for a new e-book, “Undergraduate Education for Public Health in the United States.”

Faculty from accredited schools and programs across the nation contributed to the 20 chapters.

The compilation serves to describe current curricular approaches to undergraduate education for public health and to facilitate analysis and discussion of what makes quality education and builds a competent workforce. The articles address wide-ranging topics: the history of undergraduate public health education, recent development of accreditation criteria, description of specific programs, broader curriculum issues, and career opportunities in public health.

Public health sciences undergraduate program advisor Megan Griffin, with undergraduate program director Gloria DiFulvio and Gerber, contributed a chapter to the book titled "Developing Leaders: Implementation of a Peer Advising Program for a Public Health Sciences Undergraduate Program."

The e-book is published by Frontiers, an open-access publisher in the health field. Originally published as individual articles of a Frontiers Research Topic, the complete E-book is free here.