Fire evacuation drills and fire alarm system testing

Annual fire evacuation drills and testing of fire alarm systems will begin June 19 and will be conducted within university academic and administrative buildings through July 20.

The program is being coordinated though a joint effort of Physical Plant and Environmental Health and Safety.

Fire evacuation drills help to ensure that occupants are familiar with the sound of the fire alarm system, are knowledgeable of all evacuation routes, and that immediate evacuation from the building is necessary whenever a fire alarm system is activated. In addition, state regulations require that components of fire alarm systems be tested annually.

The fire drill portion of the program usually takes 5-10 minutes to complete depending on building size. At the conclusion of the drill, all occupants will be allowed to re-occupy the building. Fire alarm devices will then be tested.

Emergency power will be tested in designated buildings with emergency generators and may result in some power disruptions. Building coordinators for these buildings will be sent service interruption notices. They can provide additional information on how your building will be affected.

Mobility-impaired persons are not required to evacuate buildings per the University's policy. All department heads and disabled persons should be aware of this policy. Copies are available by contacting EH&S or Disability Services.

Questions regarding this program may be directed to Ed Mientka at EH&S at 545-5114.

June 3, 2012.