Film by Liane Brandon Included in Criterion Channel Series Featuring Women Filmmakers

Betty Tells Her Story Images

A film by Liane Brandon, professor emerita of education, is being featured as part of a series on the Criterion Channel.

It is part of a series called “Tell Me,” which premiered on Sunday, May 24. According to the Criterion Channel, the series “celebrates female filmmakers who took the simple, radical step of allowing women space and time to talk about their lives.”

Brandon’s 1972 film, “Betty Tells Her Story,” is a documentary exploring the issues of body image and self-worth in American culture. It is about a woman named Betty, who recalls buying an expensive dress. She repeats the story twice in the same day, recounting the same facts but with a different tone each time.

Brandon is also a co-founder of New Day Films, the longest-running distribution cooperative of independent filmmakers in the U.S. As part of the “Tell Me” series, Cirterion is also featuring a documentary on the filmmaking group, “Introducing New Day Films.” In it, Brandon and Amalie Rothschild, two of the four founders, are interviewed by “Tell Me” curator Nellie Killian.

The series has been featured in the New Yorker, as well as the Boston Globe