eLearning Moves back into Continuing & Professional Education

Continuing & Professional Education (CPE) and its eLearning team recently co-located to better serve the campus goal of rapid acceleration in the development of online degree programs. The eLearning team moved to the 4th floor of Goodell earlier this month and is now better positioned to work with other CPE departments for 360-degree service to faculty and students, according to CPE associate director for eLearning Bret Holloway.

“CPE eLearning works closely with online instructors and post-traditional learners with a strong focus on producing a successful online teaching and learning experience for all,” said Holloway. “Centralized within the division, eLearning can respond more quickly to increasing demand, provide consistent levels of service, and promote the UMass Amherst vision for CPE.”

The eLearning team supports an online campus of 20,000 users and 2,000 unique courses annually through a variety of services including, training, instructional design, technical support, and Learning Management System (administration for Blackboard.

For information about eLearning and how the team can help, contact Holloway at bret.holloway@umass.edu or 545-5210.