Du Bois Library Installs Sparq Meditation Labyrinth for Stress Reduction

Sparq labyrinth at the University of Oklahoma

A Sparq meditation labyrinth has been installed on floor 9 of the Du Bois Library as part of a stress and relaxation study being conducted by associate professor Donna Zucker of the College of Nursing, the Libraries and University of Oklahoma Bizzell Library. 

The Sparq labyrinth is an interactive mindfulness tool designed to counteract stress and promote wellness in computer-centric work and school environments. With a touch-screen interface the Sparq user first selects from a variety of culturally significant and aesthetically compelling labyrinth designs, and then engages the projected pattern to evoke a non-judgmental awareness of the present moment, that is mindfulness. The available patterns range in origin from native America to ancient India to medieval Europe and each is fully explicated by provided display material. Engagement can take the form of yoga, dance or a simple walk upon the pattern, which is projected on the floor of the meditation space from overhead. The five-minute technique requires no training and has been linked to decreases in systolic blood pressure.

Created by graduate student Matt Cook of the University of Oklahoma and previously installed at Bizzell Library at the University of Oklahoma, Sparq has been used for stress relief and relaxation during finals week.

The Du Bois labyrinth is available all hours that the Library is open through the spring semester.

More information about the Sparq project: http://www.sparqlabyrinth.com/

Watch a short video: http://bit.ly/sparqlabyrinth or http://ounightly.com/?p=1981

Read an article: http://bit.ly/normantranscript