Doctoral Oral Exams for July 24-28

The graduate dean invites all graduate faculty to attend the final oral examinations for the doctoral candidates scheduled as follows:

Bridgette Peterson, Ph.D., Philosophy. Monday, July 24, 4 p.m., E301 South College. Dissertation: “Applications and Extensions of Counterpart Theory.” Maya Eddon, chr.

Joshua Marland, Ph.D., Education. Tuesday, July 25, 12 p.m., N113 Furcolo Hall. Dissertation: “Investigating the Impact of Student Opt Out on Value-Added Measures of Teacher Quality.” Stephen G. Sireci, chr.

Shayne Sloggett, Ph.D., Linguistics. Tuesday, July 25, 2 p.m., N400 Integrative Learning Center. Dissertation: “When Errors Aren’t: How Comprehenders Selectively Violate Binding Theory.” Brian Dillon, chr.

Fiona Ge, Ph.D., Psychology. Tuesday, July 25, 3 p.m., 521B Tobin Hall. Dissertation: “The Role of Culture in Close Relationships: Differences in Communication and Emotional Regulation.” Paula Pietromonaco, chr.

Ai Chan Ye, Ph.D., Molecular and Cellular Biology. Wednesday, July 26, 1 p.m., 221 Integrated Sciences Bldg. Dissertation: “Defining Molecular Pathways that Ensure Accurate Cell Division.” Tom Maresca, chr.

Gulen Yesilbag Tonga, Ph.D., Chemistry. Wednesday, July 26, 2 p.m., 153 Goessmann. Dissertation: “Nanoparticle as Supramolecular Platform for Delivery and Biorthogonal Catalysis.” Vincent Rotello, chr.

Daniel Flagg, Ph.D., Polymer Science and Engineering. Thursday, July 27, 10 a.m., A110/A111 Conte Polymer Science Building. Dissertation: “Polyorganosiloxanes: Molecular nanoparticles, Nanocomposites and Interfaces.” Thomas McCarthy, chr.

Albert Mendoza, Ph.D., Kinesiology. Thursday, July 27, 11 a.m., S211 Integrative Learning Center. Dissertation: “A Comprehensive Validation of Activity Trackers for Estimating Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior in Free-Living Settings.” Patty S. Freedson, chr.

Jared Harris, Ph.D., Polymer Science and Engineering. Friday, July 28, 10 a.m., A110/A111 Conte Polymer Science Building. Dissertation: “Synthesis and Characterization of Imidazole-Containing Conjugated Polymers.” Kenneth Carter, chr.

Aikaterini Marazopoulou, Ph.D., Computer Science. Friday, July 28, 10 a.m., 142 Computer Science Building. Dissertation: “Temporal and Relational Graphical Models for Causality: Representation and Learning.” David Jensen, chr.

Yue Wang, Ph.D., Computer Science. Friday, July 28, 10 a.m., 151 Computer Science Building. Dissertation: “Database Usability Enhancement in Data Exploration.” Gerome Miklau, chr.

Joseph Burchett, Ph.D., Astronomy. Friday, July 28, 1 p.m., 1033 Lederle Graduate Research Tower. Dissertation: “Environmentally Driven Galaxy Evolution and Quenching: Insights from the Low-Redshift Circumgalactic Medium.” Todd Tripp, chr.