Doctoral Oral Exams for April 24-28

The graduate dean invites all graduate faculty to attend the final oral examinations for the doctoral candidates scheduled as follows:

Xianzhi Meng, Ph.D., Afro-American Studies. Monday, April 24, 2 p.m., 311 New Africa House. Dissertation: “A Site of Nation: Black Utopian Novels in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries.” Amilcar Shabazz, chr.

Bonnie Newsom, Ph.D., Anthropology. Tuesday, April 25, 1 p.m., E16 Machmer Hall. Dissertation: “Potters on the Penosbscot: An Archaelogical Case Study Exploring Human Agency, Identity, and Technological Choice.” Elizabeth Chilton, chr.

Shengkai Li, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering. Tuesday, April 25, 2 p.m., A110/A111 Conte Polymer Science Building. Dissertation: “Fabrication of Functional Nano-Materials and Devices Using Supercritical Fluids.” James J. Watkins, chr.

Michael Leaf, Ph.D., Polymer Science and Engineering. Tuesday, April 25, 4:30 p.m., A110/A111 Conte Polymer Science Building. Dissertation: “Conducting Polyelectrolyte Complexes: Assembly, Structure, and Transport.” M. Muthukumar, chr.

Jigneshkumar Patel, Ph.D., Polymer Science and Engineering. Wednesday, April 26, 1:30 p.m., A111 Conte Polymer Science Building. Dissertation: “Formation of a Crosslinked High Performance Material Using a Highly Dense Reactive Mixture.” Shaw Ling Hsu, chr.

Jin Chen, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering. Thursday, April 27, 10:30 a.m., Gunness Student Center Conference Room, Marcus Hall. Dissertation: “Metabolic Modeling and Engineering of Gas Fermentation in Bubble Column Reactors.” Michael Henson, chr.

Lindsay Meador, Ph.D., Anthropology. Thursday, April 27, 11 a.m., 101 Herter Hall. Dissertation: “Who Ate the Subfossil Lemurs? A Taphonomic and Community Study of Raptor, Crocodylian and Carnivoran Predation of the Extinct Quaternary Lemurs of Madagascar.” Laurie Godfrey, chr.

Yolanda Torres, Ph.D., Nursing. Friday, April 28, 10 a.m., 101 Skinner Hall. Dissertation: “Influence of Work Environment Conditions on the Ability of Critical Care Nurses to Provide Efficacious Nursing Care in Puerto Rico.” Genevieve Chandler, chr.

Cunxi Yu, Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering. Friday, April 28, 11:30 a.m., 309 Knowles Engineering Building Conference Room. Dissertation: “Formal Analysis of Arithmetic Circuits using Computer Algebraic Method – Verification, Abstraction and Reverse Engineering.” Maciej Ciesielski, chr.

Shayl Griffith, Ph.D., Psychology. Friday, April 28, 2 p.m., 129 Tobin Hall. Dissertation: “Home Learning in the New Mobile Age: Parent-Child Interactions During Joint Play with Educational Apps.” David Arnold, chr.