Comments on Athletic Events and Alcohol Use by UMass Amherst Chancellor David Scott

To the University Community:

The University’s home football season will begin Sept. 26 and the entire community is invited to attend - local residents as well as students, faculty and staff. The football team has already played in two exciting road games, and the award-winning UMass Marching Band can always be counted on to give a thrilling performance.

Athletic events are an important part of campus life and we urge everyone who decides to take part to join us in promoting a good time, sharing food and non-alcoholic beverages before and after the game, and generally enjoying the game (win or lose!), the music, and the socializing.

As you may recall, last year, due to national and local events surrounding the abuse of alcohol, the University brought tailgating back into accord with the long-standing ban against outdoor alcohol consumption on campus. Attendees will receive flyers upon entering the parking lots explaining the new policy and why there is no one special lot set aside for tailgating.

This year, we are seeking student, alumni, faculty, and staff volunteers to serve as hosts before and during the games. These volunteers would be on hand to answer questions, to make sure everyone is aware of alcohol and safety regulations, and generally help in maintaining a fun, safe environment for all. Anyone willing to volunteer should call the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, 545-2300 for further information and dates of a training program/orientation.

We look forward to your participation in making these occasions safe and fun for all.


David K. Scott,