Co-Founder of "Take Our Daughters to Work" Campaign Featured at UMass Amherst Celebration April 23

AMHERST, Mass. - Miriam Zoll, one of the originators of the national "Take Our Daughters to Work" campaign and a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, will visit UMass Thurs., April 23 to participate in the campus’s fifth annual celebration of "Take Our Daughters to Work" Day. Zoll will offer two separate talks, both of which are open to the public, as part of the day’s activities.

Her first presentation will be from 9:30-10 a.m. in the Green Room at the Mullins Center. During that talk, titled "Behind the Scenes of Take Our Daughters to Work," Zoll will give an historical overview about the founding of the Ms. Foundation’s campaign, including why and how it was created, its impact on the modern U.S. women’s movement, and how it has affected young girls.

Zoll’s second presentation, "Jonesboro, Guns, Girls and Boys: The Missing Link in the Newsroom," will take place at 2:30 p.m. in rooms 904-908 of the Campus Center. In those remarks, Zoll will examine how traditional male gender roles influence boys’ behaviors and attitudes toward girls, how perceptions of male gender roles influence editorial decisions, how men’s gender politics are hidden in press coverage, and suggestions for inserting new gender analysis into debate.

The campus celebration designed to highlight the role of women in the workplace begins with a continental breakfast reception and information fair on the Mullins Center Concourse from 8:30-9:30 a.m. for University employees and their young guests. Numerous activities and events will follow throughout the day at various locations on campus (see listing, page 2).

"‘Take Our Daughters to Work’ Day provides a tremendous boost for young girls by giving them exposure to the range of career choices and possibilities available to them in the future," says Carol Wallace, director of the Everywoman’s Center and a member of the Faculty Senate Council on the Status of Women, which sponsors "Take Our Daughters to Work" Day at UMass.

"It’s one of the most uplifting and joyful events we sponsor on campus," Wallace adds. "This year we’re very excited to be able to celebrate the day with Miriam Zoll, one of its founders and a UMass alum."

Zoll, who graduated from UMass in 1984, currently serves as the national education director for MVP Strategies, a nationally prominent gender violence prevention and education organization headquartered in Boston. She is a former freelance journalist for the Boston Globe, among other publications, and writes and edits articles, books, newsletters, curricula, and journals. She has also served as a speech writer and worked in various communications roles for several national political, environmental, and AIDS awareness events. Zoll’s visit to UMass is sponsored by the Everywoman’s Center.

NOTE: Some of the activities currently planned for "Take Our Daughters to Work" Day at UMass include the following events:

* a workshop titled "Views of Our Selves," sponsored by the women’s studies department (1-3 p.m., 208 Bartlett Hall);

* a tour of the UMass police department, featuring the mounted and bike patrols (10 a.m., Dickinson Hall);

* "Investigation of Color Theory," a hands-on workshop offered by the consumer studies department (1-2 p.m., 119 Skinner Hall);

* hands-on activities including exploration of the World Wide Web (10-11 a.m., 225 Lederle Graduate Research Tower) and a robotics demonstration (11-11:30 a.m., 215 Lederle Graduate Research Tower), sponsored by the computer science department;

* tours of the neuroendocrine lab (11 a.m.-noon, 528 Tobin Hall) and the psycholinguistics lab (1-3 p.m., 203H Tobin Hall), offered by the psychology department;

* a tour of campus distribution services focusing on women who work in the traditionally male field of material handling (10 a.m.-noon, campus distribution loading docks, physical plant building).