Chilton Named Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement

Elizabeth Chilton

Anthropology professor Elizabeth Chilton has been named associate vice chancellor for research and engagement by Vice Chancellor Mike Malone, who said she will work on implementing research and engagement elements of the campus strategic plan, improving communication, and increasing research support capacity and services.

A member of the anthropology faculty since 2001, Chilton is also an alumna of UMass Amherst, having received her M.A. in 1991 and Ph.D. in 1996 through the department of anthropology. She was an assistant professor and then associate professor of anthropology at Harvard University from 1996 until 2001, when she returned to UMass as a faculty member. Chilton directs an archaeology laboratory in the department of anthropology and has an active research program in Native American land use and subsistence.

She is also the founder and director of the Center for Heritage and Society and edits the international peer-reviewed journal Heritage & Society. Chilton chaired the  anthropology department from 2006-12, and served as associate dean for research in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences from 2012-14. She currently co-chairs the campus’ Joint Task Force on Resource Allocation.

“Elizabeth Chilton brings a wealth of experience to this position.  Her background is in excellent alignment with the priorities for research and engagement that have emerged in strategic planning,” said Malone.