Champions Center on Track for June 2015 Opening

  • Cleve Carrens, project manager for the UMass Amherst Champions Center, stands in what will be the men's basketball court.
  • The south face of the Champions Center, under construction, as seen from Commonwealth Avenue.
  • The Champions Center, at left, and the Mullins Center as seen from the UMass Amherst Recreation Center across Commonwealth Avenue.
  • A construction sign with rendering of the UMass Amherst Champions Center.
  • Looking down on the future men's basketball court from coach Derek Kellogg's office space. The women's court, with like office space for coach Sharon Dawley, is on the far side of the wall.
  • The greenery of the UMass intramural fields surrounds the Champions Center, with the Mullins Center at left and the Du Bois Library overlooking all.
  • At this state of contruction, all rooms and walkways are defined by the metal studding that will form their walls.
  • Workers complete the north face of the Champions Center, which will be connnected to the Mullins Center, at left, by an enclosed walkway. The UMass Amherst Recreation Center and Du Bois Library are in the background.
  • The UMass Amherst Champions Center, at right, will house training and practice facilities for the men's and women's baskeball teams and will be connected to the Mullins Center, in background.
  • The first-floor walkway area with Commonwealth Honors College visible at right.
  • The plain east wall of the Champions Center with the Southwest Residential area in the background.

    The UMass Amherst Champions Center will provide world-class training and practice faciities, including two full-sized courts, for the men's and women's varsity basketball teams.