Campus Joins Partnership with Association for Women in Science

The campus recently joined as an institutional partner the Association for Women in Science (AWIS), the largest multi-disciplinary organization for women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) dedicated to achieving equity and full participation of women in all disciplines and across all employment sectors. 

The partnership is housed within the STEM Diversity Institute, directed by professor Sandra Petersen. AWIS-Amherst’s coalition of 13 member groups is coordinated by Barbara Pearson, research associate in the Office of Research Development in conjunction with the STEM Diversity Institute.

AWIS reaches more than 15,000 professionals in STEM around the nation. This partnership means that interested undergraduate and graduate students can receive a one-year free AWIS membership, access to its online newsletters, blog and a subscription to the magazine.

Eight groups on campus chipped in for the annual AWIS fee, Pearson says, to give students in STEM subjects the opportunity for networking, online resources including career opportunities, leadership training and other benefits. “We want to facilitate this campus becoming alive with women in science activities,” she says.

Supporting the AWIS-Amherst coalition are the College of Natural Sciences, College of Engineering, Commonwealth College, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Graduate School, School of Public Health and Health Sciences, the STEM Diversity Institute and the Center for Teaching and Faculty Development.

Pearson is looking for volunteers who are interested in advancing the role of women in science to represent their campus in a Five Colleges AWIS Affiliate Group now forming, to extend the AWIS-Amherst network.


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