Campus Earns a Top-25 ‘Vegan-Friendly’ Ranking

UMass Amherst is No. 24 on a newly released list of vegan-friendly institutions compiled by Rent, a Milwaukee-based company that helps students find off-campus housing.

In its ranking, the company notes, “Consistently ranked at the top of the Princeton Review’s Best Campus Food list, the University of Massachusetts Amherst goes to great lengths to provide healthy and sustainable dining options for its students. In addition to readily available soy milk, vegan meals and salad options at each dining hall, UMass Amherst also offers vegetarian and vegan-specific food at two on-campus locations: the Earthfoods Cafe and the People’s Market.”

According to Jack Sherman of Rent, the rankings were created by crunching data from a combination of previous national lists (from sources like Time Magazine and The Daily Meal), the number of vegan restaurants in the surrounding area, as well as SEO data from student searches. Only universities with enrollment above 10,000 were considered.

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