Building Materials Expert from UMass Amherst Named to Review Board by National Research Council

AMHERST, Mass. - Paul Fisette, director of the building materials and wood technology program in the department of natural resources conservation at the University of Massachusetts, will participate in a National Research Council (NRC) study of new technologies used in the nation''s housing industry.

Fisette will serve for three years on a committee reviewing and assessing the Department of Housing and Urban Development''s (HUD) Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH) program. The goal of PATH is to help introduce new technologies and building materials that will make American homes stronger, safer, and more durable; more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly; easier to maintain; less costly to operate; and more comfortable to live in.

"Building energy-efficiency into homes is basically a dollars-and-cents issue, but it also makes better use of our natural resources," explained Fisette. He will join a panel consisting of experts in housing design, construction processes, building-materials manufacturing, energy management, safety and dynamics of human habitation, resource management, urban planning, and other areas.

The National Research Council, the National Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Medicine, and the National Academy of Engineering are part of The National Academies, the nation''s combined think-tank for science, medicine, and engineering.