Building Bridges Offers Continued Opportunities for Campus Engagement

Building Bridges illustration

Building Bridges—the public art and engagement initiative designed to foster new connections among UMass Amherst community members who come from varied backgrounds and hold differing perspectives—is seeking participants from across campus.

There are multiple ways to get involved with the initiative, including through the Building Bridges in the Library: Stairway Mural Contest. Hosted by the Library Art Committee, the contest is inspired by the library murals that have been painted by students since 1986. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to apply regardless of their artistic ability; special consideration will be given to proposals that involve both students and employees. Apply by March 1 to paint a mural during the spring semester; apply by May 1 to paint a mural during summer break. Submit your application here.

In addition, enrollment for two Building Bridges courses is currently open to members of the UMass community.

In the 11-week “Building Bridges: Our Immigrant Voices course,” participants willcreate mini-projects that amplify the voices of immigrant employees on campus. Photographs and stories gathered in this course will be displayed around campus and will highlight the diversity of UMass Amherst as well as elevate the contributions of the campus’ immigrant staff.

The six-week “Building Bridges: Showcasing Worker Artists at UMass” course will bring together worker artists and others to explore ways of highlighting the art created by UMass Amherst employees. It aims to recognize essential workers—those who may clean the restrooms, serve food in dining halls, tend the grounds or engage in clerical tasks—and celebrate their artistic talents in a way that enriches the UMass Amherst community.

Register for a course with Labor/Management Workplace Education, Division of Human Resources (L/MWE).

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