Brookses Present Papers at Conference on Chinese Thought

E. Bruce Brooks
A. Taeko Brooks

Research professor E. Bruce Brooks, and research associate A. Taeko Brooks of the Warring States Project, presented papers at the 2nd Northeast Conference on Chinese Thought, held Nov. 8-9 at Wesleyan University.

Professor Brooks’ paper dealt with the Chinese classic of poetry as reflecting the increasing militarization of society and social expectations in the Warring States period (05th through 03rd centuries).

Taeko Brooks’ paper outlined the meditational roots of the Mencian theory of mind, and at the same time upheld the reality of the Mencius text, and its relations with contemporary 04c and 03c texts, against the speaker with whom she was paired as the last two papers on the program, who maintained that the Mencius text, and the Analects text with which it seems to be closely related, had no reality as texts until well into the 02c under the Han emperors.