On-Board Truck Scales to Track Waste, Recycling Rates on Campus

Trash truck plan illustration

The Physical Plant’s Office of Waste Management (OWM) is installing on-board truck weigh scales on five of its six waste collection “packer” trucks as a new tool for tracking waste generation and recycling performance for most campus buildings.

Two trash trucks, a cardboard truck and a single-stream recyclables truck will get the scales.

The contract with Loadman Scales and Creative MicroSystems for approximately $100,000 will allow OWM to begin recording weights for the trash and recyclables collected at each of approximately 150 collection locations on campus. OWM expects to go live with this building-by-building waste tracking tool this summer

The on-board truck scales and associated electronics will assist OWM with the task of identifying buildings and departments that are either high performance or low performance sites. Once the sites are identified, education and enforcement efforts, and potentially waste user fees, can be matched appropriately to the conditions in those buildings and departments for the purpose of encouraging waste reduction and improved University recycling/composting rates.