Biostatistics Faculty Unveil New Website for Teaching Statistics

Nicholas Reich

A new website for teaching statistics using the open source statistical computing language R was launched last month, according to Nick Reich, assistant professor of biostatistics and one of the faculty developers of the tool.

The website, statsTeachR, includes open-access, online lesson plans organized into modules for undergraduate and graduate levels. The site was developed with funding from the biostatistics program; the Institute for Computational Biology, Biostatistics, and Bioinformatics, and Project MOSAIC, a National Science Foundation-funded collaboration to develop new methods for teaching statistics.

Reich announced statsTeachR at the New England Statistics Symposium on April 26.

“In the first week after the announcement, the site had over 8,000 unique first-time visitors from across the world,” said Reich. “We are excited that this open-access teaching tool has generated such widespread interest.”