Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Degree Fully Accredited by ASBMB

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The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) recently awarded full accreditation to the UMass Amherst biochemistry and molecular biology B.S. degree.

Aspects of the department’s application that were considered particularly noteworthy according to the society include “excellent faculty, outstanding in both teaching and research, integration of programs that promote student teamwork and communication skills, career advising and the advanced course-based undergraduate research experience (CURE) allowing students to gain authentic research experiences.”

Jennifer Normanly, head of the department, says, “Students who graduate from an ASBMB-accredited program have the opportunity to take an assessment, an exam, to have their degree certified by ASBMB, showing prospective graduate schools and potential employers that the students have met the society’s high academic standards.”

Dean Tricia Serio of the College of Natural Sciences said of the accomplishment, “I am thrilled to see this well-deserved recognition for our stellar undergraduate major in biochemistry and for the department’s leadership in and dedication to preparing our students for successful careers in the life sciences.”

ASBMB, based in Rockville, Maryland, was founded in 1906 to advance the science of biochemistry and molecular biology through publication of scientific and educational journals, the organization of scientific meetings, advocacy for funding of basic research and education, support of science education at all levels and by promoting the diversity of individuals entering the scientific workforce. It publishes three peer-reviewed research journals covering research in microbiology, molecular genetics, RNA-related research, proteomics, genomics, transcription, peptides, cell signaling, lipidomics and systems biology. The society has over 12,000 members and has awarded accreditation to 85 colleges/universities.