Article among Journal’s Most Cited

John M. Clark
John M. Clark

An article by John M. Clark and colleagues in the May 2016 issue of Journal of Medical Entomology has been listed among the journal’s most cited for the year.

Clark, professor of veterinary and animal sciences, is corresponding author.

The article “Expansion of the Knockdown Resistance Frequency Map for Human Head Lice (Phthiraptera: Pediculidae) in the United States Using Quantitative Sequencing” correlates the loss of efficacy of anti-lice treatments with certain mutations in the lice.

The article’s other listed authors from UMass Amherst are Kyle J. Gellatly, formerly molecular and cellular biology, now molecular pharmacology at UMass Medical School; Sarah Krim, veterinary and animal sciences; Daniel J. Palenchar, biochemistry and molecular biology; and Christopher J. Rhodes, microbiology.

Criteria for selecting the article included the number of times the article has been cited and the number of times it has been read. The journal also scores articles based on their dissemination across traditional and social media outlets.