9 faculty honored for service by Graduate School

Faculty members representing the nine schools and colleges were recognized Sept. 23 for their service to the Graduate School through participation on thesis and dissertation committees.

Graduate School dean John R. Mullin presented the Graduate School Centennial Award to the nine professors, who have supervised 1,405 graduate students during the past 25 years. The awards were given at a luncheon celebrating the Graduate School’s 100th anniversary.

The honorees are Genevieve E. Chandler, Nursing; Patty S. Freedson, Kinesiology; Ronnie Janoff-Bulman, Psychology; C. Mani Krishna, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Robert D. Marx, Management; Thomas J. McCarthy, Polymer Science and Engineering; Bernard J. Morzuch, Resource Economics; Gretchen B. Rossman, Education; and Dara Wier, English.

“As we look forward to a second century of groundbreaking transformation of knowledge to a new generation,” said Mullin, “the Graduate School is delighted to have this opportunity to celebrate the successes of all faculty who have guided graduate students in their pursuit of knowledge and scholarship through our graduate programs while continuing to seek new insights and discoveries in their own scholarship. Those discoveries, in turn, have expanded knowledge and created new visions. This cycle of achievement will continue, as the Graduate School looks back with pride, and forward with renewed commitment.”

Graduate School dean John R. Mullin (third from right) and Centennial Award recipients (from left) Genevieve E. Chandler, Gretchen B. Rossman, Ronnie Janoff-Bulman, Dara Wier, Patty S. Freedson, C. Mani Krishna and Bernard Morzuch. Robert D. Marx and Thomas J. McCarthy are not pictured.