Volunteers Needed for Study on Speech Understanding

Researchers in the Language, Intersensory Perception, and Speech (LIPS) lab, in the department of psychological and brain sciences, are looking for adults between 45- and 60-years-old to volunteer for a study. 

The Audiovisual Synchrony (AVSYNC) study tests how seeing a speaker talk can help aging listeners to continue to effectively understand spoken language. 

Participants must be native speakers of American English. They will be paid $10 per hour for participating. The study will require a 2-hour visit and a 3-hour visit to the lab on campus.

The first lab visit includes various computerized tasks that assess hearing, vision, and judgments about what a speaker says. The second visit involves recording the participants’ brain waves with an EEG cap on their head while they watch and listen to a speaker.

If interested, please leave a message at (909) 547-5221 or email lipslab@umass.edu.

Adults older than 65 years of age can visit the LIPS website to learn about how to stay informed about future research opportunities.