Slideshow: 3D Printing

  • The white nylon powder in the hand is the material used in a 3D printer to create items like the sphere at left.
  • From left, post-doctoral student Doug Eddy, senior Jeremy Keys, assistant professor Frank Sup and doctoral student Tom Hagedorn discuss 3-D printing.
  • Doug Eddy shows the workings of the Stratasys Connex 350, one of two 3D printers being used by Sundar Krishnamurty's advanced design and fabrication group.
  • The white nylon powder is the material from which the sphere and gear were made on a 3D printer.
  • Professor Sundar Krishnamurty, right, talks shop with post-doctoral student Doug Eddy.
  • While doctoral student Lucas Roman looks on, Doug Eddy operates the computer that controls a 3D printer.

    Researchers under the direction of Sundar Krishnamurty, UMass Amherst professor of mechanical and industrial engineering, are using 3D printers to provide rapid testing of new designs and to make prototypes of future surgical tools.

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