Statement from Chancellor Subbaswamy: Standing in Solidarity Against Hate and Intolerance

Dear Campus Community:

In a brazen act of anti-Semitism, the exterior of the UMass Hillel House was defaced today with spray paint. The timing of this cowardly act, on Holocaust Remembrance Day, is deeply repugnant. In this period of global crisis, it is more important than ever that we reject hatred and intolerance. Our Jewish students, faculty and staff add to the rich diversity that makes UMass such a special place, and Hillel is a source of support and strength for so many of our students. The hateful actions of any individual cannot change that, and will, in fact, strengthen our resolve to stand in solidarity with the members of our Jewish community.

Because Hillel House is located off campus, the Amherst Police Department (APD) has jurisdiction over this incident. However, the UMass Police Department has been notified and has contacted APD to offer assistance. We have been advised that a thorough investigation is underway.


Kumble R. Subbaswamy