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1/1/2024 - 12/31/2024
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This project addresses the increasing concern of pedestrian crashes and fatalities, particularly in the context of the pandemic. With a notable rise in pedestrian fatalities in Connecticut and across the U.S., this study seeks to explore the contributing factors to this trend. The research will conduct a comprehensive literature review to identify key factors influencing pedestrian crashes, followed by an extensive analysis of open data sources, including Connecticut’s crash data, transit feed specifications, and business information. The study will incorporate surrogate measures of pedestrian activity like population density and business opportunities to create a detailed picture of pedestrian crash contexts. A series of regression models will be developed to establish causal relationships between pedestrian crashes and various factors such as transit stops, retail shops, and pedestrian, roadway, and driver characteristics. The study aims to quantify the number of pedestrian lives that could be saved by mitigating risky factors and to provide actionable insights for transportation agencies to prioritize policies and interventions. The final outcome will include a technical report and a paper highlighting key factors affecting pedestrian crashes, with a focus on transit stops, business areas, and other crucial environmental factors