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1/1/2024 - 12/31/2024
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The "Evaluation of Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Performance in Mountainous Regions and Cold Climates" project is designed to study the effects of climate, terrain, and varying road conditions on the functionality of vehicle safety systems and sensors essential for semi or fully automated vehicle operation. A critical aspect of this research is to understand how these challenging environmental factors influence the overall performance, specifically the driving range, of battery electric vehicles (BEVs). The study's insights into the real-world range of BEVs under different conditions will play a pivotal role in determining the necessary charging infrastructure to efficiently support BEVs, thereby guiding future strategies for the distribution of vehicle chargers.

Aligned with multiple center themes, including driver assistance systems, automated vehicles, safety in automated vehicle interactions, and equity in transportation, this project aims to address a gap in current knowledge regarding BEVs' adaptability and reliability. By investigating BEVs in diverse and demanding settings, such as mountainous terrains and cold climates, the research will provide valuable data for optimizing BEV usage and infrastructure planning. This is particularly pertinent for regions where environmental conditions pose significant challenges to electric vehicle technology and automated driving systems.

The outcomes of this study are expected to contribute to enhancing the safety, efficiency, and equity of BEV deployment, particularly in areas where climatic and geographical factors have previously been barriers. The findings will also assist policymakers, automotive manufacturers, and infrastructure developers in making informed decisions regarding the expansion and support of BEV technology in various environmental conditions.