In Progress
Project Dates
1/1/2024 - 12/31/2024
Approximate Project Cost

This research project conducted by the MIT AgeLab is set against the backdrop of an aging American population, with an increasing emphasis on maintaining driving ability and mobility in older age. This study aims to explore two main questions: the dynamics surrounding older adults' decisions to retire from driving and their subsequent mobility transitions, and how older adults' self-reported driving behaviors are influenced by their age, health, and access to vehicle technologies. Utilizing existing data sets, including a nationally representative survey on driving habits and the MIT AgeLab’s Lifestyle Leaders Panel data from individuals aged 85 or older, the study will analyze patterns of self-regulation in driving, the use of advanced vehicle technologies, and the effects of health and age on driving behaviors including distracted driving. The project also plans to integrate findings from annual surveys on attitudes towards automation, encompassing a variety of transportation modes and technologies. Key goals include generating insights for public outreach materials, enhancing support for older adults in driving retirement decisions, and contributing to academic and professional discourse through conferences and peer-reviewed publications. Involving young researchers and undergraduate interns, this study aims to deepen our understanding of mobility and driving behavior among older adults and to inform interventions for safer and more supportive transportation options for this demographic.